At DIME, we are committed to rendering clear accounts to the authorities, to our donors, and to society. We do this by complying with the requirements and fiscal obligations imposed by law. That is why we present the following information for consultation.


At DIME, we are committed to operating transparently.

In 2022, we received the funding necessary to operate as a humanitarian, non-profit organization from various donors, of which UNHCR, USCRI, OSF, and the Shapiro Foundation were the largest contributors.

DIME’s expenditures are made according to a pre-approved annual budget based on individual donor criteria. Last year, the most significant expenditures were for salaries and necessary travel, which totaled 52% of our expenses (approximately $6.6 million MXN). Scholarships account for about 12% of total expenses, and the remainder is for rent for student housing and our headquarters, which represents 6% of total expenses.

International Organizations

International organizations are a key source of funding for DIME and undoubtedly an essential part of our work. Without their support, it would be virtually impossible to achieve our goals. In 2022, contributions from international organizations amounted to 71% of the total funds raised by DIME.

Because of their generous support, we are able to guarantee the salaries of our highly dedicated DIME staff, invest in the infrastructure of our facilities, and provide shared, inclusive spaces for our entire migrant community. In general, these funds enable DIME to be ever more responsive to the needs of the target population and to ensure adequate monitoring of all our programs.


Another important contribution to the work of our organization during the past year was undoubtedly our collaboration with other non-profit organizations. It has been a crucial aspect of our exponential growth and, by collaborating with and supporting other organizations working in the field of forced migration, we can achieve better results and respond more effectively to the needs of our target populations.

Partnerships with other non-profit organizations are critical to DIME because it allows us to learn from each other and, additionally, gives our work a broader reach that we could otherwise not achieve on our own. In addition, we strongly believe that as an organization, we must first and foremost lead by example in order to achieve effective intercultural dialogue.

Governmental Agencies

DIME greatly appreciates our partnerships with government agencies that choose to contribute a portion of their resources to our work. We consider this a significant recognition and vote of confidence in our efforts and mission, which will allow us to continue to expand and strengthen our work to turn the challenges of forced migration into opportunities.

Natural Persons (Society)

Donations from individuals are essential to our organization. Although they represent only a small percentage of our total funding, they provide invaluable support. Contributions from natural persons represent not only financial support, but also a commitment by the larger community to the vision of DIME and to the openness and adaptability so lovingly shown to each of our beneficiaries.


All funding received by DIME is reported and duly justified to the Mexican tax authorities, which regulate and monitor compliance with all obligations of non-profit organizations that rely on financial support to carry out their projects.

We regularly conduct audits and follow procedures that allow us to ensure the correct and transparent use of all funds received by DIME. We have authorized certification as a donation recipient and are fully aware of the responsibilities this entails, both within and outside our country.

Each donor who contributes to DIME receives a tax-deductible receipt, in line with the requirements of the Income Tax Act in Mexico. This also allows the donor to verify their donation and make use of the fiscal benefits offered. DIME provides anyone who wishes to donate with the necessary information to request an invoice and have it registered with the authorities in a timely manner.

Use of

Throughout the year, DIME has been focused on strengthening human resources to deliver a greater impact. A large part of the funds was therefore dedicated to ensuring that the salaries of our employees are commensurate with their great efforts as a team.

In 2022, the Habesha Project Complementary Pathways was opened to new students from Afghanistan, and much of the team’s hard work and our resources as an organization, both financial and human, were devoted to implementing this project.

The visibility and reach of this project cannot be underestimated. One of DIME’s primary goals has always been to ensure that the beneficiaries of our programs are able to express their voices and perspectives by providing them with safe and dignified spaces. For this reason, in 2022 we worked hard to create and make available to a wider audience such opportunities, such as the Intercultural Mobility Week and the Annual Student Meeting, which had a great impact both in the beneficiary community and in Mexican society in general.

At the same time, we engage with stakeholders not only at the national level, but also at the international level, with the aim of finding support within and beyond our national borders. Therefore, throughout the year, we have dedicated part of our resources to these valuable outreaches to spread our message of interculturality, solidarity, and resilience of and for the entire migrant community. This, as we know, is something that concerns all of us and affects all countries, including their authorities and the international institutions that ensure the integrity and fulfillment of the rights of every person as a human being.

The students in our Higher Education for Refugees program and their needs are integral to our needs as an organization. For this reason, DIME has invested in study materials and electronic equipment for our students over the past year. We strongly believe that these tools will greatly help our students to make the most of their studies and personal development.

In this context, the importance of allocating funds for scholarships and financial support directly to our students cannot be understated. This is the backbone of our organization, and much of our work is aimed at raising the resources and funds to meet the needs and goals identified by our students. In 2023, we are committed to further strengthening our efforts in this area and expanding our campaigns to directly support our beneficiaries. We firmly believe that we can all be the change we wish to see in our society. You too can become a Partner for Peace and directly support a student who truly needs it.

Another priority for DIME is to strengthen other organizations, as only joint work and responsibility can have a tangible, positive impact. In 2022, we worked closely with the public and private sectors, as well as educational institutions, to strengthen the capacity of migrant shelters in Mexico that support so many migrants in our country with incredible care and effort.

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