Learn about the innerworkings of our organization in terms of funding and spending. We are commited to transparency, if there’s any further information you require, feel free to contact us.


In 2021, we obtained the resources required to operate as an organization from various donors, principal among them international organizations such as UNHCR, USCRI, IIE and the Canada Fund, each of which made a considerable contribution.
DIME’s expenses are made according to a previously approved budget based on the criteria of each of the donors and the program to which they donate. The most important costs are those of salaries, which represent a total of 28% of our outgoings (about 2.1 million pesos). The second highest total is spent on scholarships, at approximately 10% of total expenses, and the third highest goes on the rent of two student residences and our headquarters, which makes up 7% of our total costs.


During 2021 our income was provided by three major groups and it was divided as shown here.

We went from having a single main fund in 2020 to two in 2021, and we expect to have three in 2022 (considering as main funds those that contribute more than 20% of total income). This represents a greater diversification of our donors, which is important to our vision as an organization.

Our biggest donor is UNHCR. In the future, as a result of this diversification, although the organization will increase the amount it donates by 7.61%, this will not represent a larger proportion of our budget. In fact, UNHCR’s share of the costs will decrease by 5.19%.

For its part, USCRI and the Open Society Policy Center together will represent almost 50% of the funds to received this year.

Our triumph of 2020 was the signing of our agreement with USCRI as a main fund, and the start of operations was reflected in 2021. In the same way, a success story for 2021 was reaching an agreement with OSPC, whose operation will be implemented in 2022.

Regarding human resources, the organization’s workforce increased from 2020 (14 positions) to 2021 (with 26 positions). The budget increase for 2022 is expected to be 114.46%. This growth was reflected in the programs DIME runs, which increased from two programs in 2020 to three programs in 2021, and will increase to six in 2022.


  • Maintain strict control over the use and management of all assigned resources. Expansion of the number of vacancies and work opportunities and support the organization with the international interns program.
  • Promote a sense of belonging in stakeholders be seeking the organization’s recognition by educational institutions, government and society in general.
  • Offer reliability and transparency in any direction.
  • Optimize use of resources to support the largest number of students possible.
  • Increase and diversify donors and people who support the organization.
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