Student participation in the Refugee Awareness Week organized by the George Washington University

On April 5, Dales Louissant, a student from DIME AC, and Carolina de la Luz Osorio, a student from the UPAEP Student Committee, participated virtually in the session Initiatives for a Welcome Campus, organized by George Washington University. Through this forum, national students and refugees from various initiatives on the challenges and proposals within their universities to achieve safe spaces and cultural exchange for young people from contexts of forced displacement.

Testimony of Carolina de la Luz Osorio, student of the UPAEP student committee:

“For me, participating in the forum “A way forward: The Welcoming Communities Initiative” as a representative of the student committees of Proyecto Habesha meant a great experience because I had the opportunity to share with other young people of different nationalities how Mexican students are encouraging Mexican universities to open support channels to provide higher education to young refugees and displaced people around the world, likewise, I got to know the different perspectives of the participants, which helped me a lot to understand that it does not matter if we are from other countries we are united and support the same cause.”

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