New Generation of Interns at DIME

From January to July 2024

In early January, we started our sixth internship period at DIME. This is a program that offers professional experience to international students and young professionals from different disciplines in one of the following areas of our organization: Strategic Development and Engagement, the Welcoming Communities Program, Programs Direction, and Communication/Habesha Media.

At the beginning of the year, Gladys Le Goff joined our team in the Programs Direction area. She is a master’s student in Public Policy at the Institute of Political Studies in Paris, France. Gladys will remain with us for the next six months, during which she will be able to practice her Spanish, integrate into Mexican culture, and learn about migration in the region.

On the other hand, we said goodbye to Camila Ríos Nuricumbo, who finished her internship period in the General Management area. Over the past six months, her work has been invaluable in developing a radar of potential allied organizations in Mexico and Central America. Likewise, Camila coordinated and monitored diverse meetings and activities that proved crucial to DIME’s operations.

Finally, we are pleased that Irene Mezzadra from Italy, Johanna Järveläinen from Finland, and Paulina Flores from Mexico will continue with a second period of internships in the areas of Strategic Development and Engagement, the Welcoming Communities Program, and Communication/Habesha Media, respectively.

Interns 2024-1

These additions to our team are very important to us as they demonstrate that DIME continues to be a source of interest for young professionals who want to add their knowledge and efforts to our mission of creating educational opportunities for refugees.

At DIME, we value the contributions of our interns and are committed to helping them make the most of this experience to strengthen their professional profiles and competencies.

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