Habesha Project: Complementary Pathways Students

Expected arrival in early 2024

As a result of our annual call for applications, we are expecting the arrival of the 4 new students of our Habesha Project: Complementary Pathways program.

Since its launch in 2015, this program has helped young refugees access higher education in Mexico, providing them with a full scholarship at our partner universities, monthly financial support, Spanish classes, accommodation, and continuous support before, during, and after their studies.

This year, the call was aimed at young refugees residing in Kenya after considering this country’s needs. This was aimed at complying with one of the objectives of the Global Compact on Refugees, which seeks to alleviate the pressure on host countries by facilitating access to complementary pathways* in a third country.

The selected candidates were part of a careful process that evaluated their academic history, motivations, professional aspirations, performance in the selection interview, communication skills (including academic writing), and their perceived ability to integrate in Mexico. Likewise, the need to ensure gender parity was taken into account throughout our selection process.

Out of 201 applicants, two women and two men of South Sudanese origin were selected after having met all the requirements. 

The students are expected to arrive in Aguascalientes in January 2024. Once installed, they will continue with the Intensive Spanish Learning and Academic Regularization Course (CIAERA) taught by DIME’s Spanish Language Teaching Officer. After completing this one-year course, the students will be able to begin their university studies.

*Complementary pathways refer to the opportunities to access a third country (the first and second being the origin and host countries, respectively) through work and educational mobility, family reunification, private sponsorship, and other humanitarian pathways.

Give to Welcome

In order to support the students during the start of their new lives in Mexico, we are calling on the support of students, academics, and members of Mexican society to cover the following needs through a monetary contribution:*

  • Basic food items (except pork)
  • Personal hygiene products
  • Clothes for men and women
  • Household items (dishes, cutlery, tupperware, appliances, etc.)

With your support, we will be able to give them a generous welcome to Mexico, as well as ensure the satisfactory start of their studies at our partner universities.

*All donations will be used to purchase the products listed above. Given the nature of the perishable products, as well as logistical limitations, in-kind donations will NOT be accepted.

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