Intercultural Mobility Week

Multiple locations - October 2nd, 2023

The Intercultural Mobility Week represents the simultaneous efforts of our Student Committees to create a diverse, inclusive, and conscientious society for people in mobility contexts. The week kickstarts on October 2 in commemoration of the International Day of Non-Violence.

This year, each of our Student Committees in our eight allied universities organised a series of cultural, social, and sport activities that would foster intercultural dialogue and show migration as a source of many benefits for all. 

In this second edition of Intercultural Mobility Week, more than 2,000 attendees, students, speakers and workshop leaders participated, as well as DIME’s core team, who accompanied the Committees in the organization and implementation of their respective activities.

These activities included gastronomic markets, art exhibitions, dance classes, film screenings (including the documentaries produced by Habesha Media), and a 5-km run.

This time, the Student Committees successfully partnered with various civil society organizations, international agencies, academics, the local community, and refugee entrepreneurs to procure more spaces to foster and showcase their work. This year, the participation of DIME’s Council for Refugee Students in the inauguration activities organized in conjunction with the Committees also stood out. 

Likewise, it is necessary to highlight the valuable support of the university authorities so that these events were successful. Together, we will continue to build safe and welcoming communities for all.

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