UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022

From May 18 to 20, the UNESCO World Education Forum 2022 (WHEC) was held in the city of Barcelona. Colombian/Venezuelan student Sabrina Contreras García was selected to participate in the “Student Action for Refugees” panel as a student representative of DIME AC. In this forum held every 10 years, Sabrina had the opportunity to share her experience as a refugee in Mexico and her access to university education. Through her participation, Sabrina highlighted proposals to expand opportunities for young refugees through online education and the role that universities play in achieving this goal. She also shared the forum with young representatives of organizations such as Tertiary Refugee Student Network, Catalan Open University, The Refugee Student Network, Student Union in Exile, DAFI, Naweza and Bard College.

Read more about the forum here: https://www.unesco.org/es/education/higher-education/2022-world-conference

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