Council for Refugee Students at DIME (CERDIME)

“Nothing about us without us”

This year, we took on the task of formalizing the identity of the Council for Refugee Students at DIME (formerly called the Council of Refugees in Mexico) in order to better represent the students of our Higher Education Programs for Refugees (Habesha Project and Habesha Americas) and reflect their active role in their communities.

The Council’s main purpose is to promote the self-representation of refugee students, following the guiding principle “Nothing about us without us.” This principle reflects the need to promote and respect the right to participation and consultation of refugee communities who have historically been silenced in decision-making processes.

To help achieve this, the Council for Refugee Students participated in various visits and events with national and international actors to strengthen its ties of collaboration, as well as to promote its mission. Likewise, the Council actively participated in our Third Student Leadership Meeting, which mobilizes our network of Student Committees and their universities to strengthen their skills and discuss various topics. This year, the Council had a greater participation in our efforts to create multicultural communities, demonstrating what we know so well at DIME: refugees have a significant and transformative role in the improvement of our societies.

Finally, it is important to highlight that this is the first organization of this type in Mexico and Latin America. At DIME, we believe that the creation of the Refugee Student Council is a great first step in the empowerment of refugees, especially young students who can mobilize their communities inside and outside universities to create inclusive societies towards people in any mobility context.

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