DIME's Call for Applications

Application period: First quarter 2024

During the first quarter of 2024, DIME launched three separate calls for applicationn for the two proyects that comprise its Higher Education for Refugees Program (Habesha Project and Habesha Américas). One call for application corresponded to the Habesha Américas/IIE Odyssey Scholarship, aimed at recognized refugees living in Mexican territory, while the remaining two were aimed at Habesha Protection Scholarship applicants in 1) Kakuma refugee camp in Kenya and 2) Jordan and Lebanon.

The benefits of both scholarship programs are:

  • A partial or full scholarship provided by a higher education institution in Mexico
  • Academic, psychosocial, migratory, and medical monitoring throughout their studies
  • Medical insurance until graduation (IMSS)*
  • A monthly stipend until the 5th (bachelor’s) or 3rd (master’s) semester to cover accommodation, transportation, and food expenses*
  • Employability training
  • Annual Student Leadership Meetings
  • Advice and support in revalidating previous academic degrees
  • A laptop*


Learn more about DIME’s current and former students:

The students of our Higher Education for Refugees program are an essential part of our organization’s activities, heading their own Council of Refugee Students (CERDIME). In this form, they participate in events and activities that influence the commitments of organizations and government agencies regarding their future.

Likewise, they are active members of their academic communities, which has earned them special recognition within and outside their universities.

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